Kaštela are known as a place of rich culinary traditions with an emphasis on Mediterranean diet: lots of fish in all ways (boiled, baked and grilled), vegetables (beans and Days of beans !!), fruit and cakes, and meat dishes are kaštelanska tradition (beef stew or baking).

Of course, with good food and good wine goes, a wine from the Kaštela, especially Crljenak kaštelanski (ancestor of the famous American Zinfandel) is our pride. Visit us you will certainly enjoy every moment spent in our famous restaurants, taverns and tasting rooms...

"Nautic" restaurant

LocationObala kralja Tomislava 8, 21213 Kaštel Gomilica

Restaurant "Spinnaker" - Marina Kaštela

LocationObala kralja Tomislava 10a, 21213 Kaštel Gomilica

Restaurant Baletna škola

LocationDon Frane Bege 2, 21214 Kaštel Kambelovac

Restaurant pizzeria "Labinezza"

LocationObala kralja Tomislava 56, 21216 Kaštel Stari

Restaurant "Ino"

LocationIvana Pavla II. 15a, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić

Restaurant "Mamut"

LocationIvana Pavla II 171, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić

Restaurant "Cezar"

LocationF. Tuđmana 818, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić

Restaurant "Stari dvor"

LocationKamberovo šetalište 10, 21216 Kaštel Stari

Restaurant "AGAVA"

LocationMetova 1, 21217 Kaštel Novi

Restaurant "Kastel"

LocationUz sv. Ivana 2, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić

Restaurant "Štacija"

LocationŠetalište Miljenka i Dobrile 34, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić

restaurant "Mala Mora"

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